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What is AssTok?

AssTok is a brand new platform that takes the hassle out of connecting with real women. AssTok works like TikTok except the members on here are a lot more open-minded when it comes to showing themselves off. On TikTok, you might find some sexy dancing, but on AssTok, you'll find women doing a hell of a lot more - usually without their clothes on.

We're the hottest new XXX social media on the adult scene with a community that's growing by the day. We have hundreds of thousands of users across every city in the world and they're all here to share their hot nude content. Nothing is off limits on AssTok. You can be as vanilla or as filthy as you like! These are unlike any TikTok content creators you've ever seen before!

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Creating an account on AssTok takes two minutes. Simply put in your basic information; email address, user name, age, location and then your account will come to life! You're then free to create your profile, upload some pictures to the site and start exchanging hot TikTok content with the thousands of sex-starved women already signed up to our community.

Right away, you can start messaging all site users completely for free! This isn't like OnlyFans or Pornhub where we suck you in and throw the hidden costs at you once your dick is hard. From the moment you jump into our site, you can start making friends and get it on the TikTok action.

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How Does AssTok Work?

AssTok works a lot like TikTok, just with a lot more nudity! You're free to browse through endless video content upload by our users, and when you find something you like, you can message that member for free and start up some conversation! It's not just a big random feed like on Facebook or Twitter either. You'll be shown app content based on your location, which means those hot videos you just watched will have been recorded by chicks who live in your town! All you have to do is strike up a chat and see where things go, and we guarantee that you'll be meeting up with her the very same night!

Free Membership - Secure Platform

Like TikTok, our services are totally free! You don't have to spend a thing in order to get going on AssTok. Just sign up, create a profile and you can enjoy everything without having to spend a dime. Sure, there are some ways you donate to us to keep us running, but we don't expect it! You're free to message whatever member or content creator you want. There are no tiered memberships, no paywalls, nothing like that. Our free services are just one of the many reasons why our TikTok sex app is the hottest new thing in the hookup scene, so come and make use of our services right now!

Real Women, Real TikTok Sex

If you've spent time on any other sex apps recently, you're probably sick of seeing sex workers, OnlyFans links and wannabe Instagram models bombarding their information at you. On AssTok, you won't find anything of the sort. The women on here aren't just performers and creators. They're genuine horny chicks who love showing off their gorgeous bodies for their followers. They're all sex-crazed hotties who want to connect with other real people just like you. AssTok gives these babes a platform to safely indulge their dirty desires around like-minded people. This isn't Facebook or YouTube where they're going to be judged by their friends and family. They know they can get as crazy as they want for the viewing pleasure of thousands of strangers. That's why we're the hottest new page for singles everywhere.

Interactive Features - More than Facebook

We're the sex TikTok and we've got all of the features to prove it. You can post your own videos to the site, you can watch other people's videos and you're free to message followers as you see fit. But it doesn't stop there. We've got more ways to interact with members than you could shake a shitty dildo at. The horny women on here LOVE our video chat feature. Live video chat works just like Facetime but it's done completely through our app. You can get your own personal TikTok sex show from frisky women in your area, and then once you're both juiced-up, you can meet up in IRL and have some more fun! You can even leave a public comment on videos you love. We've also got blog posts, forums and sex advice from our trends experts. Want to know the best way to get a chick frothing at the pussy? Then our sex advice videos will be of great use to you! We've got new tips every single day to make sure your sexting game is always on point!

Search AssTok App Members

Looking for someone in particular? Want to find that perfect match? Or that content creator you can't get enough of? With our TikTok sex app, you can easily perform searches to find anyone you want. Use our search feature to narrow down by location, body type, content type, video views, and more. You'l be able to find your perfect sexting partner in no time whatsoever. And in case you can't, we'll even throw recommendations at you every day!

New Matches Every Day

We've put a lot of man hours into our innovative algorithm that makes sure you're catching the attention of all of the hot women in your city. Likewise, you'll get many new matches every single day, so you'll be spoilt for choice with all the local girls on your feed. Our algorithm matches people based on location, looks, profile completeness, member activity, number of followers and keywords in bios. We don't just throw a bunch of random women your way; we actually connect you with ones you're compatible with! Just like TikTok, you can leave our app running in your phone background and we'll throw new girls at you as soon as they come in!

Active Members Everywhere

Don't think for a second that you'll run out of people to message. You can go through all of your matches one by one and we guarantee you'll never run out. With so much activity on our platform, you'll never have to worry about running dry. It doesn't matter if you're in the busiest city in the world or some backwater town in the sticks, we've got hot TikTok nudes waiting you right here. Create an account and be exchanging explicit pictures within 15 minutes of signing up!

Dedicated Customer Support

AssTok has a dedicated, 24/7 customer suport team to ensure every thing is to your satisfaction. If you have any issues with your account information or with another content creator, simply message us and we'll fix the issue immediately. Be sure to include as much information as you can so we understand the problem! We assure you that your personal data is safe on our app. We also scour through all of our members / creators profiles for any links to third-party paywall sites like OnlyFans or Linktree. We don't like personal ads. We promote a free, sex-positive platform, so any information which breaks the rules will be deleted immediately.

No Spam Content, No Bullshit

Most modern dating apps are just walking ads for porn sites. Not us. We keep ads down to a minimum so you can enjoy a smooth, streamlined content experience. While you might run into the odd advertisement or two, these are always for official sites which we're affiliated with! You won't find any scam followers on our platform either. We check everything and everyone to ensure all of the content coming through our site is genuine. We foster a community of like-minded singles and we aim to keep it that way. No OnlyFans links, no sex workers, no third-party advertising.

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We guarantee that as soon as you try our page, you'll delete every other dating site on your phone. More and more singles are flocking to AssTok every day of the week thanks to our massive userbase of horny singles and the sheer number of hot personal videos we have available. So come in and put your smartphone to good use. Instead of browsing porn, check out the endless hot clips you have at your fingertips right now. They've all been filmed by sex-craved women in your area who want to sext, exchange nudes and meet up for IRL fun tonight. More and more people are creating an account on AssTok for TikTok nudes every day of the week. Come and join the horny chicks, the content creators and improve your sex life for the better!