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If you've spent any time on TikTok, you'll know that porn isn't allowed on there. But from here on out, you don't need TikTok to find explicit content anymore, because AssTok specializes in exactly that. All of our videos feature local girls getting wild, whether it's nude teasing or hot masturbating, and there's more content than you could ever dream of.

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AssTok's user experience is as streamlined as you could want from any sexting app. Once you've created your profile, it's just a matter of browsing through all of the sexy models on your home screen and finding the ones that get your juices flowing. Once you do, you can message them and start getting down and dirty!

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TikTok isn't just a young person's game. It's so popular that even the MILFs, GILFs and cougars are getting in on the action. On AssTok, you can expect women of all categories across vast userbase of every age and race on the planet. Horny housewives, eager teens, bubbly bimbos, even a few couples looking for some discreet fun. Our dedicated team make sure that every account on our website is totally genuine. No fakes, no bots, no scammers! You can rest assured that all of the compilation videos you come across have been recorded by real women, models and even amateur pornstars. Yes, all those types of babes use AssTok to find their sexting partners too!

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Just like TikTok, AssTok has a whole host of sexy compilation videos for you to enjoy and comment on. But our app's features actually go way further. You're free to message every single user who grabs your eye completely free of charge! Instant access is granted to anyone who signs up - it's really that easy. But AssTok has more interactive features than you could ever want. In addition to enjoying the video content and the free messaging, AssTok also has a video chat feature if you want to take your interactions to the next level. Given how raunchy the chicks on AssTok are, you'll definitely be getting a personal Tik Tok experience right to your phone screen.

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